Activation of a President’s Choice (PC) Credit Card

President’s Choice Financial is committed to bringing unprecedented value to its customers. From no-fee banking to the President’s Choice Financial MasterCard, this financial institution brings a number of great banking products and services to customers throughout Canada.

Activating Your President’s Choice Card Over the Phone

We recommend activating your card through your PC online banking account. If for some reason you encounter problems with activating, creating an account, or logging in, you can contact PC customer service through this toll-free number: 1-866-246-7262.

If you’re still having trouble or you can’t get through to customer service, we recommend calling the phone number found on the back of your new credit card. Calling from the phone that’s registered with your account will help to verify your identity.

Activate Your PC Credit Card Online

PC Financial makes activation easy by incorporating it into their online banking system. By logging into your account, you can go through the activation process online. You will need to have your new MasterCard in hand, as you will be asked to enter the card number to complete activation. If you do not currently have an online banking account, you will need to enroll in PC Financial online banking first.

The Simplest Method

The quickest way to activate your new card is through your PC Financial online banking account. If you don’t already have an account, you can create one before proceeding. Simply follow the link below to get started.

The PC Financial Credit Card Activation Link will take you to your bank account login screen. You will be able to activate your new MasterCard through your account management portal.

President’s Choice Financial Customer Service: 1-866-246-7262.

Don’t forget to sign your new card before using it.

About President’s Choice Credit Cards

PC Financial makes several different MasterCard options available to its customers. From the basic PC MasterCard to the President’s Choice World Elite card, each gives you access to valuable rewards and perks.

Depending in the card that you choose, you can earn up to 30 PC Points per $1 spent on the card; these points can then be redeemed towards special purchases or free groceries at participating stores.

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