How to activate NetSpend MasterCard

The NetSpend MasterCard activate process can be completed quickly and easily online. Just enter your card number and the security code, then follow the additional prompts that are offered to be able to use your card.

These prepaid cards can then be used wherever MasterCard is accepted, anywhere in the world today.

For those who may have trouble with the online process or do not have data or internet access, the NetSpend MasterCard activation phone number is available to complete this process as well. Just dial 1 (866) 387-7363 for help with card activation.

Then follow the automated prompts that are offered through the customer service line. If you wish to have a temporary activation or use the NetSpend MasterCard as a gift card, some of the activation steps may be reduced.

Email help may be available for some card holders as well at [email protected].

What Is the Fee Schedule for the NetSpend MasterCard?

With the NetSpend MasterCard, active new card access to be able to spend money that has been previously loaded on the card. Once activated, there is a fee schedule which applies to this type of account. You can choose to pay as you go with each transaction incurring a $1 charge or pay a $9.95 monthly fee to use the card.

Some accounts may qualify for a $5 monthly plan upon activation.

Various fees, including withdrawal fees from ATMs or over-the-counter, mobile check loading fees, and account transfers that are conducted by customer service agents, will also apply to the new NetSpend MasterCard.

Loading funds onto the card is generally fee-free. Some fees may apply if using the reloading network that works with NetSpend, but these are third-party fees. There are over 130,000 different locations where card reloading is available in the United States, with cash and checks both accepted.

What Are the Benefits of Using the NetSpend MasterCard?

When you activate NetSpend with a direct deposit, it becomes possible to access your cash up to 48 hours faster than with other payment methods. There is no credit check required for this card as it is a prepaid account. Some plans allow users to earn cash back with purchases as well.

No minimum balance is required on the NetSpend MasterCard. Money management features are available through the card’s associated mobile app and you can sign up to receive notifications when expected deposits arrive in your account.

Premier accounts qualify for lower monthly fees and the NetSpend MasterCard activate process is the same. The only difference with a premier account is that $500 or more in direct deposits are authorized for the account. A premier account may also qualify for account overage protections of up to $10.

Even though it is a prepaid card, it still functions like a credit-based MasterCard. The NetSpend account can be used for bill payments, online purchases, and ATM cash withdrawals. Virtual card numbers, savings accounts, and referral program bonuses are available through NetSpend as well.

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