Activation of a National Bank MasterCard online

The National Bank of Canada has been building its organization since the Banque Nationale was first founded in 1859. Now, National Bank offers financial services and banking products to customers all over the country. Among these products, customers will find a selection of MasterCard credit cards to choose from.

If you’ve received your new MasterCard, you’ll need to activate it before using it to make purchases. Activating your card is a simple process:

Activating Your NBC Credit Card Over the Phone

To activate your National Bank MasterCard over the phone, simply call 1 888 969-2273 to speak with a representative. Alternatively, you can dial the number that is displayed on the sticker that’s attached to your credit card when you first receive it.

You will need to be the primary cardholder to activate your card, and be sure to have the card close to hand. (You will need to provide details from the card itself.) For easier verification, it’s recommended that you call the above number from the phone that’s registered with your National Bank account.

Activate Your National Bank Card Online

There is no way to activate your card online at this time. You will need to complete activation dialing the toll-free number listed in the next section.

The Simplest Method

Your new card activation will be processed swiftly once you call the toll-free number for MasterCard support: 1 888 969-2273. Be sure to call from your home phone and have your new card close to hand as you will be asked for a portion of the card number during activation.

National Bank Account Login: Login to National Bank Personal Account

About the National Bank Credit Card

The National Bank offers several different MasterCard options, each suited to different customer needs. From the no-annual-fee ECHO cashback card to the World Elite MasterCard, there is a credit card option for every customer. National Bank credit cards are known for low interest rates and class-leading rewards programs.