How to Activate an MBNA Credit Card

MBNA is a division of The Toronto-Dominion Bank and the largest issuer of MasterCards in Canada. If you’ve recently been approved for a credit card from this premier financial institution, then you’re probably ready to get it activated as soon as you’ve received it. We’ve got you covered!

There are a couple of ways to activate your new MBNA card; follow the simple instructions below to get started:

Activating Your MBNA Credit Card Over the Phone

For the quickest results, we recommend using the online activation process that’s explained in the next section. If you’re unable to access the internet or run into any other problems with online activation, you can call MBNA customer support’s toll-free number for additional help: 1-888-876-6262. Calling from your home phone is recommended, as this will assist in your identity verification.

Activate Your Card Online

Easy online activation is available, and often the fastest way to get your card activated. Begin accessing the MBNA card activation site. From here, you’ll need to either log into your existing MBNA account or create a new one. Either way, make sure to have your new card handy as you’ll need to enter information on the card to complete the process.

The Simplest Method

The activation link will take you to the activation page of the MBNA website. Once you’ve arrived, you must log into your MBNA account or create a new one. Be prepared to enter information from your new MBNA card once the process has begun.

MBNA Customer Service & Card Activation Assistance: 1-888-876-6262

Don’t forget to sign the back of your card before using it.

About MBNA and Their Credit Cards

MBNA credit card services have the endorsement of many Canadian membership group organizations such as credit unions / financial institutions, sports athletic associations, and student educational institutions. MBNA is a member of the TD Bank Group (over 22 million customers worldwide) and has provided financial services across Canada for over 30 years.

MBNA offers a wide spectrum of credit cards, from those geared towards business travelers to cards specifically designed for students. They offer a number of no-fee cards, and MBNA rewards cards offer competitive points-based rewards that can be used for travel, cash back, or even charitable donations.

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