Laurentian Credit Card activation

Laurentian Bank is a financial institution serving Canadians throughout the country. Laurentian has carved a specialized niche, standing apart by creating a track record of respect and attentiveness towards its clients.

If you’ve been approved for a Laurentian credit card, you’ll need to activate it before putting the card to use. Be sure to have your new card handy before attempting to activate, as you will be prompted for the card number; you will also need to identify yourself as the primary cardholder.

Activating Your Laurentian Visa Card Over the Phone

For the fastest activation of your card, we recommend calling Laurentian customer support at 1-877-522-3863 or dial 1-800-252-1846 and choose “Option 4” in the automated menu. Alternatively, you can call the phone number on the back of the card, or the toll-free activation number that is included with your new card.

Activate Your Laurentian Bank Credit Card Online

Currently, there is no way to activate your Visa card online. Laurentian provides the below toll-free phone number activation over the phone.

The Simplest Method

You must activate your new Laurentian Bank card over the phone. This can be done by calling 1-800-252-1846 and choosing “Option 4” from the menu. When activating a credit card, it’s advisable to call from the phone that’s registered with your account (usually your home phone.) This helps to speed up the verification process through the use of caller ID.

Laurentian Account Login Link:

The Laurentian account login will take you to your bank account login screen.

Laurentian Visa Card Services: 1 877 522-3863; 1-866-262-2231 (TTY)

Don’t forget to sign your new card before using it.

About Laurentian Credit Cards

Laurentian offers a number of flexible credit cards to their customers. Each of the available Visa cards offers differing perks and benefits to ownership, from rewards to travel insurance, and more. Be sure to explore the entire lineup of available cards before choosing to ensure that you get the card that fits your lifestyle perfectly.