How to Activate your Diners Club Card

Diners Club International (DCI) offers consumers three different types of credit cards to activate.

Most will wish to follow a Diners Club activate process for a Consumer card. This is the original MasterCard from DCI and still one of the best lines of credit for outstanding benefits. The Premier version of this card allows you to earn points, while the Elite version offers travel protections and services.

A Diners Club card activate process is available for a Professional line of credit as well. This option offers a Premier card or a Carte Blanche card. It can also be used wherever a MasterCard is accepted.

Some may prefer the Corporate card option available from Diners Club. It offers feature such as spending controls, data visibility, and numerous reward choices. This option allows for direct electronic payments as well.

Contact the Diners Club credit card activation phone number at 1 (800) 234-6377. Those who live outside the US can call (514) 881-3735.

Why Choose the Diners Club Card?

Like many credit card options available today, there are several features that come with a new account with Diners Club. Once the credit card is activated, you can take advantage of the 24/7 personal assistant that is assigned to your account. These assistants can schedule appointments for you, make dinner reservations, or even reserve a tee time at your favorite golf course.

The Diners Club card activate process also gives members access to an exclusive airport lounge in several countries. This network of lounges provides a beverage service, local newspapers, TV access, and a complete business center.

Card holders receive identity theft assistance, access to digital payments, and discounts in numerous industries.

What Are the Credit Terms for the Diners Club Card?

After following the Diners Club activate process, you’ll be able to take advantage of the 13.90% APR, based on the Prime Rate, that is available with this line of credit. Premier members have a $95 annual fee, while Elite members have a $300 annual fee when using a consumer account. Corporate and Professional cards may have different interest rates and fees.

The APR for a cash advance is 22.99% and is also based on the Prime Rate. Each consumer account is granted a due date that is a minimum of 25 days after the close of every billing cycle. Interest is charged for cash advances beginning on the date of the transaction.

Corporate accounts are given up to 60 days to pay without being assigned a late charge.

Transaction fees with the Diners Club MasterCard are either 4% of the total cash advance or $4, depending on what amount is greater. Late payment or returned payment fees are up to $37 per incident.

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