How to activate your Bank of America Credit Card

The best way to activate Bank of America credit card accounts is to use your online banking identification with your password. This will confirm your identity and verify that the card is in your possession. This will allow new card holders to begin using their new BOA credit card right away.

If you do not currently have an online banking profile with Bank of America, new credit card holders are encouraged to enroll with your account to begin the online activation process. You can also take advantage of the Bank of America card activation phone number, which is 1 (800) 276-9939.

What Are the Benefits of an Online Activation?

When you enroll with the online banking platform provided Bank of America, you can use your dashboard to track the numerous benefits that are provided this line of credit.

  • Use your online account dashboard to pay your credit card bill.
  • You can login to check on any rewards that you’ve earned or redeem rewards that have been earned.
  • It can be used to manage PINs, report stolen or lost cards, transfer balances, or dispute charges that may be unauthorized on the transaction register.

These benefits are not confined to online users only. With the Bank of America Express Card or other credit products, you can contact toll-free customer assistance lines to take care of these tasks as well.

Pay Phone: Call 1 (800) 236-6497

Redeem Rewards: Call 1 (800) 434-8313

Dispute Charges: Call 1 (800) 266-0212

After completing your Bank of America credit card activation, you may also contact the specific numbers that are printed on the back of your new card for help as well.

Once the online dashboard has been activated, BOA provides customers with budgeting tools that help them to track expenses. The online dashboard can be accessed through a mobile app that allows for mobile banking activities. It is also possible to make transfers or pay bills from anywhere a data or internet connection is available.

Bank of America credit card customer service will provide text and email alerts for low balances or payment due dates if desired.

What Are the Security Guarantees Provided Bank of America?

With Bank of America, activate new card credit lines and you’ll also have access to specific guarantees that are offered this provider. These online and mobile security guarantees are provided to every card holder, allowing for unauthorized transfers or bill payment transactions to have zero liability.

Card holders will also be reimbursed for any late fees they are charged if Bank of America makes an error in processing a payment an ordered date.

There is a 60-day window to report transfers that may be fraudulent or purchases that are unauthorized. You can do this through your online banking profile that you accessed to activate the Bank of America credit card in the first place.

You may also call 1 (800) 933-6262 if you believe your credit card has been stolen, lost, or has unauthorized activity on the account.

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