Activate an American Express Credit Card Online

All over the globe, consumers are familiar with American Express (Amex). It’s not only one of the most recognizable lenders in the world, but one of the oldest, and their cards stand apart for their unique policies regarding revolving debt. For instance, their flagship Platinum card requires users to pay off the entire balance in full each month.

Regardless of which American Express credit card you’ve been issued; you’ll need to activate it before putting it to use. We’ve outlined the activation processes below, so get your new card ready, and let’s get started!

Activating Your Amex Credit Card Over the Phone

Activating online is recommended, but you can still activate your card via telephone by contacting American Express customer service. The toll-free number to dial for Amex activation is: 1-800-869-3016. It’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your convenience.

If there is a different toll-free number on your card (possibly on a sticker), then you should try calling that number first.

Activate Your American Express Card Online

The easiest way to activate your card is through the Amex online activation portal. You can access this portal by clicking here. Just be sure to have your card ready, as you will need to enter your card number (on the front of the card, upper right-hand corner) and the card account number. Once you’ve done this, you will be prompted to complete your American Express account registration.

The Simplest Method

Activation Link:

The activation link will take you directly to the activation website page. Enter your card information as requested and follow the prompts to register your American Express account.

American Express Card Activation Assistance: 1-800-869-3016 (Canada); 1-866-549-6426 (TTY/TDD)

Don’t forget to sign the back of your card before using it.

About American Express Card Offerings

American Express is known for their credit cards, and for good reason. This lender offers a wide variety of specialty cards, rewards cards, and even gift cards, each suited to different customers with differing needs.

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